Eliminating Skunks From Beneath Your Deck

Lots of people are confronted with the unpleasant task of eradicating skunks they have found living beneath a deck or outdoor shed. Your pet cat can get sprayed or even attacked by a skunk which would be a traumatic experience for both you and your cat. Hiring a Professional that is experienced in skunk removal is your best option.

Skunks may be bashful, but their distinctive and pungent odor makes them especially unwelcome in the eyes of homeowners. There is nobody who relishes the risk of being sprayed, but there are also always concerns that skunks will dig up garden plots and leave unsightly holes in the yard. They really are nuisances to just about everyone, so the following paragraphs offer some useful ideas about how to eradicate them from your sphere altogether.

skunk hiding in burrow with babies

Watch For Growing Skunk Families

Once you notice a skunk on the scene near your home, you may be ready to do battle. However, that is not to say that you need to be ruthless in your approach. Should you spot a skunk beneath your deck during the period that spans April through September, you may well be hosting a mother and several babies. Mom skunks are known for seeking out dark, quiet, protected areas to rear their young, and under your deck may just be ideal.

Two Ways To Go

If you find yourself in the aforementioned scenario, there are really two routes you can take. You might decide to leave well enough alone until summer’s end, as that is when the mother and children will probably make their way to another location without additional prodding. Once they are gone, take steps to close any visible entry points so that you won’t have any new creatures taking up residence thereafter.

Alternatively, you can take steps to make the environment under the deck less hospitable for the mother and baby skunks so that there is a greater chance they will move on their own volition. Take care not to cause harm to the family, but there are ways to alter the environment so that it is not as dark, quiet or safe as they once believed.

skunk eating cat flesh

Make use of safe, yet bright lighting options in the area the skunks are occupying. Run a radio day and night, preferably tuned to talk radio, as skunks do not enjoy the sounds of humans talking. Soak some cloths in vinegar or ammonia, place them in a plastic bag with ventilation holes, and allow the odor to permeate the zone. Skunks may mistake the smell for that of a predator’s waste, which may be enough to prompt their exit.

Other Skunk Elimination Tactics

During the period of September through December, mothers and babies are unlikely to be the issue under your deck, and therefore it is okay to get a little more serious about eradicating your guests. If the above-referenced techniques do not prove effective, there are some other options to be tried.

Consider installing a door to the area that is one-way in nature. That way, skunks have the ability to leave their new den, but they simply cannot get back inside once they have gone. You can also engage the service of a professional pest-eradication company staffed by professionals who have the training and equipment needed to succeed. This can generate real savings of time and aggravation, and most firms offer no-cost price quotes for their services.

Remember that during the wintertime, the ground is often frozen, and this prevents skunks from digging new homes once they have been booted out of an existing one. If you notice skunks on the property once things have frozen, it is probably best to postpone your eviction efforts until things get warmer.

Thwarting Skunks’ Return

Once you have succeeded in getting your skunk visitors off the property, it is important to do what you can to thwart a future return. Make certain that decking areas are built in such a way that there is no way for wildlife to enter and that also prevents their ability to dig underneath. Perhaps you will want to add some wire mesh to a trench dug around any outbuildings or sheds so that digging will be strongly discouraged. Above all, keep your cool with regard to this situation. The fact is that you really can eradicate skunks and stop them from taking up residence again, provided you are willing to invest the time and elbow grease needed to get the job done. Or, you can simply hire a professional who can solve the issue quickly and efficiently.

If Your Cat Gets Sprayed

If your pet cat gets sprayed by a skunk and it gets in their their eyes, you’ll want to flush them out immediately. There are various products available that are cat safe. If you have a lot of skunks in your area, keep some of these types of products on hand. If you see signs of drooling, sneezing, nausea, or vomiting, or nausea, it could be that the skunks spray has gotten into your cats mouth. Skunk spray may also cause acute anemia in cats. If you’re cat has any symptoms, immediate veterinarian treatment is your best action.

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