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Looking For A New Cat?

Consider These 2 Popular Cat Breeds

Are you a cat lover who is ready to add a new feline member to your family? Cats are the second most popular pet, second only to man’s best friend, which is of course the dog. But what many first time cat owners may not realize is there are hundreds of different breeds available to them, each with their own personality and physical characteristics.

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Below you’ll learn about two you should consider when you’re ready for a new cat.



The Siamese cat is probably one of the most popular out of all of breeds. They have a unique appearance that makes them easily recognizable even to cat breed novices. Typically their main body is a light tan or off white color while their tails, face, ears and feet are usually a dark brown that can appear almost black.

The Siamese cat is among the most popular cat breeds because of its highly affectionate and sociable nature and its calm demeanor.They are usually quite playful which makes them a great choice for families with children. When fully grown, they usually weigh between six and 10 pounds, making them about average as far as cat size goes.


Unlike the Siamese cat, the Ragdoll cat is one of the larger domesticated cat breeds. Males can often weigh as much as 20 pounds, which is surprising to many first-time cat owners longtime owners as well. Most cat owners aren’t used to having cats of this size around.

The Ragdoll cat gets its name because of its highly affectionate nature. One of its favorite things to do is to climb into its owner’s lap and flop over on it’s back like a rag doll without a care in the world. This cat breed is quite loving and docile, and it isn’t uncommon for them to meet you at the door, ready to comfort you when you arrive home from a long day at work.

Adding a cat to your family is a decision you will have to live with for as long as 10 to 15 years, so it is important that you choose a cat breed that best suits you and your family’s personality and needs. When you are ready to make this move, I hope you will consider the two breeds mentioned above as they are quite adaptable to most any home environment and would be a welcome addition to your home.

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